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Council / Secretariat 

Jeong-il Choi, Honorary President

Dr. Choi was the former Dean of Hanyang University College of Natural Sceinces and President of The Korean National Council of Conservation of Nature, and is currently serving as Co-Chair of Korea Biodiversity Association and Chairman of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization MAB Korea Committee. As the first President and the founder, Dr. Choi has contributed immensely towards the development of the Korea Ecotourism Society.

Jong-gil Jae, Honorary President

Dr. Jae was the member of the 17th National Assembly of Korea, where he had led successful campaigns and agenda in environment sector as he is also an expert of marine ecotourism. He then served as the director of ‘City and Nature’, and is now the mayor of Ansan city. As a proud member of the Korea Ecotourism Society, Dr. Jae has contributed greatly on foundation of the society and capacity building of the members.

Seong-il Kim, President

Professor Kim has majored in Park Recreation and currently serves as the professor of the Seoul National University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Professor Kim has served as the Councilor of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Vice Chair for World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). 

Je-liang Koh, Vice President

Mr. Koh has majored in Maritime Environment Engineering and Social Education and is now heading the Jeju Ecotourism Co. He is also serving as a member of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Man the Biosphere Korea Committee.

Byoung-kwon Chang, Vice President

Mr. Chang is an expert of Regional Development and Architecture, striving ceaselessly for the grafting/linking of ecotourism and arcology/ecological architecture. Mr. Chang has served as a Sector Representative of the Sustainable Committee’s Tourism Industry Architecture Sector, and is also the CEO of JBK Mirants Co.

Kab-jin Kim, Auditor

Mr. Kim is an Attorney at Law of Ilchon LLC

Sae-yoon Choi, Council member

Mr. Cho is a Regional Expert serving for the solutions of regional environmental conflicts through ecotourism. He is currently heading EcoToday Publisher, Namhae(The Southern Sea) Environment Center, and East and West Creativity Forum.

Seung-jae Chang, Council member

Mr. Chang is the founder of Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) Tourism Co., the first of its kind in the industry to specialize in DMZ tour. He holds a degree in administrations and has worked at Korea Tourism Organization. He is currently serving as the President of Korea DMZ Tourism Association and a member of Gyeonggi-do Province DMZ Forum. 

So-yoon Lee, Council member

Ms. Lee is a writer and a producer of documentaries and advertisements focusing her work as a storytelling and contents consultant of ecotourism sector. She is an acting advisor to the Cultural Heritage Administration and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the CEO of Storytelling IT-TECT <Story Yoon>.

Hyun Kim, Council member

Mr. Kim had majored in Forest Sciences and worked at Korea National Park Service. His work experiences incudes IUCN Asia Headquarters in Bangkok as the program specialist. Mr. Kim is now serving as a director of Incheon Tourism Organization MICE Bureau.

Sun-hee Ju, Council member

Ms. Ju had majored in educations and worked at Korea Environmental Education Center as a secretary general of Seoul, followed by Ecotravel director and Green Growth Experience Center Chief of Education. Ms. Ju has been serving as a Executive Director of the Korea Ecotourism Society and contributed to the organization’s development.

Jong-seok Park, Council member

Mr. Park is a regional expert with a degree on Sociology. He is currently serving as the CEO of a social enterprise 'Pungdeong'. He is also serving as a director of Jeonbuk Ecotourism Promotion Support Center, contributing to the development of regional ecotourism.

Seung-joo Lee, Council member

Ms. Lee is an expert of visual communication, adding to the ecotourism promotion and marketing sector. She has also served as a policy advisor to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Future Strategy Subcommittee and advisor of global Youth Startup Center. Ms. Lee is currently the CEO of Bistra.

Bong-seok Choi, Executive Secretary

Mr. Choi has majored in Landscape Architecture, and has served a variety of missions and projects in ecosystem conservation and utilization at the site of ecotourism since the foundation of Korea National Park Service.

Hanareum Lee, Staff

Ms. Lee has majored in tourism development and has worked at Korea National Open University and Suwon City Hall Researcher. She has experienced ecotourism through participating in Jeju Ecological Park, Siheung Green Growth Collective Experience Exhibition Center, Jeongseon National Geopark related research.

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